Middle School can be a very challenging time socially, emotionally, and academically.  We are here to provide you with guidance and assistance in all areas of your school life.  Study Skills in particular become more and more important as you grow as a student.  Below is a list of important tips for studying successfully:

1.  Highlight key words and phrases in your notes or review sheets.

2.  Rewrite some of the more difficult material.  Writing things down helps us to remember it better.

3.  Record your own voice reviewing the notes aloud, then play it back to yourself.

4.  Study with a partner- create a game where you quiz each other on the material.

5.  Ask your parents or siblings to quiz you using flashcards you create yourself.

Very important:
*Study in a quiet place with few distractions.  Turn off the computer, television, and IPod.

*Find the studying style above that works for you.  Not every activity above works for every person.

*Rereading the material is not the same as studying!
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